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What Is Jaysuing Products Jaysuing Invisible Waterproof Agent Jaysuing Cosmetics Health Skin Care Product Kitchen Car Cleaner

What Is Jaysuing

Jaysuing company design products for more than 10 years

  1. Jaysuing is Jaysuing brand Jaysuing products including 4 categorys:
  2. Jaysuing Invisible Waterproof Agent of Home, Garden, Patio, Lawn, home decor
  3. Jaysuing Cosmetics of Beauty, person health care for women and men
  4. Jaysuing Kitchen cleaner of Home kitchen tools
  5. Jaysuing Car cleaner , plastic refreshing of auto Car clean , tools and equitment

Jaysuing Invisible Waterproof Agent

Efficient leak prevention

A game-changer blend of water and rubber forms the core of this innovative formula, designed to permeate joints, cracks, and leaks.

Experience the future sealing technology with this innovative sealant, a powerful paste designed to seal and mend damaged surfaces effectively.

Introducing a pasteable sealant, water-based and highly effective for waterproofing various surface types.

Offering strong and flexible protective layer upon the surface it’s applied to.

With its anti-leak properties, it exhibits exceptional bonding strength even when applied to wet surfaces.

Your ultimate answer to waterproofing requirements, all in one solution!

Whether it’s a leaky pipe, a cracked container, or protection against moisture for your belongings, Jaysuing™️ Waterproof Sealant is the solution you can rely on.

Experience the power of our waterproof insulating sealant, a transparent repairing leak waterproof adhesive that offers super strong bonding while remaining invisible.

Jaysuing Waterproof Agent / Jaysuing Waterproof sealant

Jaysuing Hyalu B5 Serum

Jaysuing B5 Serum Anti Aging Serum anti wrinkle

Jaysuing Liquid Wart Flat

Jaysuing Wart remover

Jaysuing skin tag remover

Jaysuing Hair Growth Serum

Jaysuing Serum

Jaysuing All Purpose Cleaner Spray

Jaysuing Spray All Purpose Cleaner

Experience the ease of cleaning with Jaysuing All Purpose Cleaner Spray, engineered to swiftly wipe away dirt and grime.

Say goodbye to grease and oil stains with Jaysuing Clean All Home Kitchen Surface, leaving surfaces gleaming and refreshed in an instant.

Jaysuing Whitening Toothpaste Remove Stains

With advanced color correction technology, Jaysuing Whitening Toothpaste Remove Stains conceals stains and boosts brightness by harmonizing tooth hues, revealing a brighter smile.

Jaysuing foam toothpaste

Tne Jaysuing foam toothpaste, enriched with natural ingredients, boasts a gentle formula, delightful fruit flavor, and easy one-press activation for instant foaming and dissolving action.

Specifically formulated for tooth whitening, it focuses on promoting gum health and preventing tooth decay.


Jaysuing Home Mold Remove

Keep your home mold-free with Jaysuing Home Mold Remover Gel, designed for cleaning kitchen and bathroom areas, walls, refrigerator, washing machine, and silicone rings.

Jaysuing Stain Removal Baking Soda Toothpaste

no harmful abrasives and chemicals, with the chemical reaction of dissolved baking soda.

Prevent smelly bad breath

 Removing yellow stains

 Remove bacteria, which can turn into plaque and cause your teeth to look yellow

With its natural whitening attributes, it gently exfoliates teeth, enhancing their brightness, yet it may struggle to penetrate deep stains.

Jaysuing Teeth Whitening Mousse

A natural toothpaste that doubles as a teeth stain remover tool, it safeguards against bleeding gums and maintains a healthy oral environment while ensuring thorough teeth cleaning.

Jaysuing Hot Selling remove yellow stain brighten tooth fresh breath V34 Teeth Whitening Mousse

Jaysuing Reduce Yellowing Care For Teeth Gum V34 Purple Whitening Toothpaste

Jaysuing V34 Brightening Toothpaste Whitening

Remove Stains Fresh Breath Brightening Teeth

Jaysuing Refreshing Oral Cleansing Yellow Stains

Refreshing Oral Cleansing Yellow Stains

Jaysuing Face Whitening Cream

Achieve radiant skin with Jaysuing Face Whitening Cream, a compound facial moisturizer that firms, brightens, and whitens dark skin while also targeting acne spots for removal and nourishing your skin.

Jaysuing Foaming Cleaning Agent

Jaysuing Foaming Cleaning Agent is the ultimate no-water cleaning solution tailored for white clothes, adept at removing oil stains, dirt, and down.

Jaysuing Teeth Whitening Serum

Enhance your smile with Jaysuing Teeth Whitening Serum, a standout product in our Lotion & Moisturizer lineup.

Jaysuing Hair Growth Serum

Jaysuing Hair Loss Treatment Serum

Jaysuing Deep Cleaning Exfoliating Whitening Gel

Jaysuing Snow Bleach Cream

Jaysuing whitening cream

Jaysuing Hyalu B5 Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum

an anti-aging serum with vitamin B5 that helps plump the look of skin. It is recommended for wrinkles and fine lines

Jaysuing Rush Pipe Cleaning Tablets

Online Drainage Pipes Cleaning Tablets: Effortlessly Dissolve Toilet and Kitchen Blockages for Smooth Drainage.

Jaysuing Teeth Whitening Strips

Get Brighter Teeth Safely with Teeth Cleaning Tools: Remove Stains and Enhance Enamel for a Radiant Smile.

Jaysuing Sunscreen

Jaysuing Oil

Jaysuing Slimming Spray

Jaysuing Weight loss sticker

Jaysuing repair compound

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